MDR-202 Original Moissanite Diamond Ring


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Presenting the distinguished Moissanite Ring D 1.0 carat, meticulously crafted to capture timeless elegance and sophistication.

  •  Metal Composition: Constructed with refined silver, which offers both durability and a lustrous shine that enhances the allure of the ring.
  •  Setting: The ring features a secure prong setting, known for its ability to maximize the visibility and brilliance of the stone.
  •  Center Stone: The centerpiece of the ring is a genuine Moissanite, admired for its dazzling luminosity and durability.
  •  Stone Color: Exhibits an enchanting white D color, the highest color grade, representing the absence of any color in the gemstone for optimal light reflection.
  •  Shape: The Moissanite is expertly cut into a classic round shape, a design that maximizes the stone’s facets and increases its ability to reflect light.
  •  Certificate: Accompanied by a GRA Certificate, providing a verified assurance of the authenticity and superior quality of the Moissanite.



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