MDR-205 Original Moissanite Diamond Ring

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  •  Gemstone: Premium Moissanite, known for its dazzling brilliance and fire
  •  Shape: Perfectly cut in a timeless round shape
  •  Color: D Colorless, representing the pinnacle of purity and radiance
  •  Clarity: Achieves a VVS1 grade, virtually flawless to the eye
  •  Hardness: Scores 9.25 on the Mohs scale, signifying superior durability
  •  Certificate: Includes both US and International Moissanite Certificates by GRA, a guarantee of quality and authenticity
  •  Material: Constructed from PURE SILVER 925, renowned for its longevity and shine
  •  Plating: Adorned with Rhodium plating for enhanced resistance to scratches and tarnishing

The MDR-205 Moissanite Diamond Ring is a symbol of enduring elegance and refined taste. Whether as a magnificent addition to your personal collection or as a memorable gift for someone special, this ring serves as a timeless statement of luxury and sophistication.


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